Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 6 - Blog Challenge

Greetings Divas.

So today is Day 6 of my Blog Challenge.  If you want to see the list of blog topics that I chose go and check out my blog post here!!!!!!

Anywhoozle. Today is:

A picture of yourself (baby pic) and a story to go with it.

So please prepare yourself for some major cuteness.  This is not quite a baby pic but I'm sure the blog gods will let it slide.

I will give you all a moment to recover from the extreme cuteness that is mini me!!!!!.................................

Take your time. I can wait................................

Just kidding but this is little me. This is my favorite picture of myself when I was younger.  My eyebrow looks so devilish. It naturally grows that way and people used to always tell me that I look like I was up to something.  People used to always pinch my cheeks too.  I know they are juicy and all but that pinching was kinda painful. I pretty much still look the same.  Hope you enjoyed this. I am looking forward to catching up with this challenge and keeping it up over the next month.

Peace and Blessings Divas

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