Monday, October 24, 2011

Toes and Weigh-Ins

Hello Divas,

I know that I am terribly late with my update but I have a good reason. Please see the attached photo for the reason.
IMAG0016 by cnwalton_1031

The above picture is of me in the ER last Sunday night with a broken toe. That's right I broke my toe AGAIN! This the 4th time I have broken this same toe.  It was so very painful but it's not like this was a new expereince for me.  I spent 5.5 hours in the ER just for the Dr. to say of yes its broken but you can just tape it and wear a surgical boot.  Mind you by toe is clearly dislocated.  So I have to call my podiatrist the next morning for an appointment.  He laughs at me and then proceeds to put my toes back in place. 

Here is my X-ray to show you where it was broken:

IMAG0017 by cnwalton_1031

Its my pinky toe if you couldn't tell. So that is my excuse for not updating sooner.  Any whoozle. Here is my weight update for last week.

Last Thurs. Weight (10/13) - 300.2

Mon. Weight (10/17) - No weight in b/c of aforementioned broken toe situationThurs. Weight (10/20) - 294.2 {6.0 lb loss}
This weeks total loss - 6.0 lbs.

So as yu can seee from the last post I had gained 5 lbs but it was all water weight because of Aunt Flo. I successfully lost that plus one more pound.  I am happy with that.

Untill next time Divas

Peace and Blessings

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Late Monday Milestones

So I know I am late but here are my Monday Milestone updates:

As I statd before my goals for the month are to:
Goal 1: Have my weight in the 280s my months end.

Goal 2: Establish a work out schedule that includes at least 4 days a week and a minimum of 45 min of activity.

Goal 3: Drink 100+ oz of water EVERY day no matter what!

Goal 4: Keep my food journal up to date.

So I started last week and I failed horribly. I have not worked out since last Wednesday. I am barely making it to 96oz of water a day and I haen't written inmy food journal for 4 days.

I am doing terrible with my goals for this month and we are only 11 days in. I really need to focus on doing what need to be done so that I can make it to the 280s by the end of the month.
I started today off well with a good breakfast and I wrote every down today and I am somewhat on track with my water drinking.

So hoepfully next weeks Monday Milestones will be better.

Peace and Blessings
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Friday, October 7, 2011

TGIF and Monthly Goals

Greetings Divas,

I am really trying to get back into writing my blog more often and so far I am doing pretty well. 

I decided that I would like to do a weekly post (probably on Thursdays) with my weight loss for the week. Since the weight loss center that I go to weighs me in on Mondays and Thursdays I will post both weights in the Thursday post and calculate my weekly weight loss form Thursday to Thursday.

* I just read that and it sounds super complicated but it make sense to me so............

Anywoozle here's how it will work:

Last Thurs. Weight (9/29) - 300.6 
Mon. Weight (10/3) - 298.0 {2.6 lb loss}
Thurs. Weight (10/6) - 295.2 {2.8 lb loss}
This weeks total loss - 5.4 lbs.

And that's it.  LOL

I am super proud of myself for loosing 5+ pounds this week and I hope that I can keep it up. 

Now on to the monthly goals I talked about in my last post.

Monthly Goals
So I was setting weekly goals before with my Monday Milestones posts but that got kind of mundane so I have decided to come up with monthly goals and still give update on my progress with a Monday post.

So what are these goals you ask? Well I'm gonna tell ya:

Goal 1: Have my weight in the 280s my months end.
Goal 2: Establish a work out schedule that includes at least 4 days a week and a minimum of 45 min of activity.
Goal 3: Drink 100+ oz of water EVERY day no matter what!
Goal 4: Keep my food journal up to date.

For now I think that is it.  If I think of any more I will edit to add those.

I am really excited to be back on track with my weight loss. I am only 16.8 lbs away fro reaching my first Major Major goal of loosing 100 lbs. If I keep losing like I am maybe i can make that goal by Mid- November.  There's nothing standing in my way but me. So I am pushing me aside and going for the gold. 

I found this awesome quote that really motivated me and hopefully it will do the same for you.

So this is my motto for the month to keep working even when I don't feel like it. 

Peace and Blessings

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Check my Weight Loss!

Hey there my lovely Divas,

First let me just say that I am overjoyed to be writing this post. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes that's right I have reached my first major goal.  What is it you may ask? Well................

I am finally in the 200s. OMG!!!!!!!! I am literally running around and screaming right now. I can hardly contain my self. When I steped on the scale at my weight loss center I was hoping and praying that I could finally be free from the the dreaded 3's and it happened. On Monday I weighed in at 298 lbs. I haven't been this small since before I met my hubby. :). This is truly amazing to me.

OK so enough about my VICTORY. I am really working on maintaining this and moving forward.

So I have decide to set some goals for the next month that I will be sharing in my next post.

I am still soooo excited about being in two-ville but I still have a long WEIGH to go! So wish me luck.

I am sure you all are pressing forward in your journeys.

Peace and Blessings
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