Friday, November 27, 2009

Soooo Sorry

I am ubber sorry for not having an update or a post sooner but I will be posting later on today so look for it!
So on with the update/weigh in for last week. So first the weigh in for last week.
Officaly weight on Saturday 11/21 357.0
So again for those who are having a senoir moment as I often do that is 1.2 lbs down even with my cycle on! I know TMI but I'm proud even though my eating was horidly bad in my book.

So here are some updates

I haven't worked out at all this week. Well I take that back. Yesterday i took a walk around the block while waiting for dinner to get ready and when I came back i felt like S*%$. I have chronic bronchitis and the Atlanta smog F'ed me up so I was sick for the rest of the day and i am still hacking and reduing my lung volume as I try to type this post. Anyway. I hope that this falre up will not last too long or land me in the hospital but from the way that my chest is hurting now I am sure that at least a trip to the doc is in my very near future.

 So I am please with my weigh loss so far even though it is going teribly slow.  I hope to stay on track during the rest of the holiday season and continue to loose this weight. I think my hubby is getting a little to excited and he wants to have a baby by like yesterday. So I would love to be closer to 300 before we start TTC. So wish me luck ladies and gentelman (if there are any following). I will try harder to update more oftern.

Coughing up pieces of my lung but still Getting Down Divilicious Style!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weigh In and Update

I'm sorry that I was MIA this week but I was extremely busy. Okay so not really but I didn't have time to update my blog until today.

So here what happened this week. After a disappointing weigh in last week I decided to make some changes to my strategy.  I was reading one of the many blogs that I follow and saw that she set goals based on calories.  So I decided that I would do this as well. I found out how many calories I needed to maintain my current weight and subtracted about 1300. I know that's a lot and they recommend 500 to a 1000 but I think my number will work our for me.  So my daily goals are now:
2200 calories a day (That's seems like a lot, so that tells you how much I was eating before) Eeeeeeee!!!!!
But I have done pretty good this week considering I was allowing my self to eat some not so hot foods but stay within my calories.  So oooooooo....

On to the weigh in. I weighed in yesterday and the results were....................
And for those are having a senior moment that is 3 lbs gone and offically out of the 360's. get it DIVA!!!

So counting my calories had a great result.  I'm not sure what next week will hold because it will be that TOM! But I will try to stay in control.  I will also try to update more often. Thanks for all the encouraging words and I will blog with you soon!

Getting it DONE! Divaliciously!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weigh In Day!

So today was my official weigh in day and I was thinking about it all night. I knew that I did a horrible job this week with food and exercise so I wasn't hoping for anything (See previous post). So I guess you want me to get to it! Well ........

I am now 361.2 lbs.

For those who need a little help that is one whole pound!!
I am proud of that one pound and I will multiply his little butt next week.
Hope your journey is going well also.

One pound lighter!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Week So Far

First I would like to thank all of those that are now following me.  This means the world to me. I promise to try to post more often and keep you guys updated to how this journey is going. So enough blabbing on to the updatin'.

So this first week on my journey has not been as successful as i thought it would be. I worked out on Monday and Wednesday but that was it. I guess i shoudl be proud of making it that many times but if i want to really get this weight off I have to be more dedicated to this workout and eating changes.  I ate okay this week it wasn't the absolute best but I tried.  I think that I am not gettin in enough calories to even loose any weight. So i will prbably start tracking my calories next week.  I need to kick this train into high gear. No more "foolfarting" around!!! This is a great word i got forma coworker. I am in this thing to win it and I will. All while being DIVALICIOUS!

On another note my official first week weigh in is tomorrow morning so wish me luck. I am not sure that I made any progress but all we can do is hope for the best! I will post my results tomorrow!

Ready to kick the tirs' and light the firs'