Friday, November 27, 2009

Soooo Sorry

I am ubber sorry for not having an update or a post sooner but I will be posting later on today so look for it!
So on with the update/weigh in for last week. So first the weigh in for last week.
Officaly weight on Saturday 11/21 357.0
So again for those who are having a senoir moment as I often do that is 1.2 lbs down even with my cycle on! I know TMI but I'm proud even though my eating was horidly bad in my book.

So here are some updates

I haven't worked out at all this week. Well I take that back. Yesterday i took a walk around the block while waiting for dinner to get ready and when I came back i felt like S*%$. I have chronic bronchitis and the Atlanta smog F'ed me up so I was sick for the rest of the day and i am still hacking and reduing my lung volume as I try to type this post. Anyway. I hope that this falre up will not last too long or land me in the hospital but from the way that my chest is hurting now I am sure that at least a trip to the doc is in my very near future.

 So I am please with my weigh loss so far even though it is going teribly slow.  I hope to stay on track during the rest of the holiday season and continue to loose this weight. I think my hubby is getting a little to excited and he wants to have a baby by like yesterday. So I would love to be closer to 300 before we start TTC. So wish me luck ladies and gentelman (if there are any following). I will try harder to update more oftern.

Coughing up pieces of my lung but still Getting Down Divilicious Style!


  1. Thanks everybody for you encouraging words I feel much better now!