Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 23 - Blog Challenge

Greetings Divas,

So the blog challenge continues to be a big challenge for me to keep up with but I am deteremined to make this happen. Late or not!!!!! So today's topic is:

Something you always think "what if....." about

This is a great topic.  I run hypotheticals in my head constantly.  It usually has to do with my weight. So my "What if....." is:

"What if I never had a weight problem?"

When I think about this I always wonder how different my lfe would have been if I had never been overweight.  Woudl I be married? Would I have kids by now (because my husband and I are despreately tryng to conceive)?  Would I be workng in my career field?  Woudl I be rich?  Would I be truly happy?

All of these questions pop into my head and make me wonder.  But then.... I realize that I am truly blessed to be alive, no matter what my weight.  And if I hadn't grown up the way I did, I wouldn't be the vibrent person that I am today.  I wouldn't be kind and understanding. I wouldn't be married to the most amazing husband ever or have the best stepdaughter. I wouldn't have experienced all the wonderful things that I have.

Everything that has happened to me has been shaped not by my weight, but by who I was raised to be.  I love myself (finally!!!!) and I am super proud of what I have accomplished and will accomplish in the future.
So "What if I never had a weight issue?"  Answer: I wouldn't be me!!!!!

Peace and Blessings

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