Saturday, January 29, 2011


Please take a second to note the multiplicity of exclamations marks that are behind the title of this post.  YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! was not a good day.  It started off well. I went to the salon to get my relaxer.  That was fine.  After that I had an appointment to go to the Medical College here in Augusta to be processed in for my part time job.  I was supposed to have me SS card but it is locked away in storage and I was not able to get to it.  So when I get there I am told to go to the SS office and request a new card and bring the reciept back so that my information can be placed in the system.  Ok I can do this.  Please note that I ate breakfast at 9:00am. My appointment was at 2:00pm.  The only thing I had to eat between breakfast and that appointment was a protein bar. 

Ok so I wait at the SS office for an hour and get my reciept.  I drive all the way back across town to the Medical College to complete my process.  I have to view a safety presentation that took 35 min and I wasn't even reading the stuff. So after that I am finally done with HR. I go to get my ID badge and I am on my way home.  Let us note the time at this momnet is 4:00pm. 

So I call my husband and ask if he wants anything to eat.  So I stop at F*&^ing Burger King. I sit in line for 30 F%^$ing min and when I get to the window some dimwit chick says "OH, we are out of the salads do you want something else".  I wanted to SCREAM!!!!! Heck yeah I want something else but I am sure that it is not healthy. So I decided to just get my husbands food and go home.  Time now 4:55pm.  I haven't eaten since 9 this morning. I tear through the kitchen and what do I eat in my fit of rage.  Stewed chicken, Baby carrots and strawbreeies!!!!

Inside I was like (note celebration people below)!!!

So I am extremely proud of my self for making a good decision during that time.  Oh by the way did I mention that my cycle had started this day as well.  Just more S*%# to add to my reasons (excuses) for not eating well. But I did good and stuck to my plan.  Yesterday I came in at 1203 calories for the day so I am proud of that. I think I am really changing and making better food choices is becoming easier. Hope your yesterday was better than mine.  Even if it wasn't we will make today the best it can possibly be.  Keep it up Divas.

Peace and Blessings

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