Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About to Give Up

Greeting Curvy Divas,

Before you all start pulling out your you can do it speaches I am not really giving up. Just having a bad day.  Yesterday was my weigh in and I lost 2 lbs.  (Let me pause to say that I celebrated that weight loss and did not beat myself uup about it.)  That being said I guess I'm in a hurry to loose the weight. I want to drop 100s of pounds at every weigh in and that is not happening. Currently my reactions have been:  note the cartoon below!  Thought I'd add a little humor. 

I think that this is the point in all my weight loss efforts where I just give up.  The scale is not moving at MY pace so f*&% IT!!!!!! That's what I usually do.  I am currently 15.2 pounds down in just shy of a month! (Pause here to insert Lame Happy Dance)! I am extremely proud of that.  I am just having one of those moments were I wonder how long this is going to take.  I know I know weight loss that is going to be permenant takes time but I am inpatient DAMN it! Any way just needed to get that out.  I am definatly not giving up. Maybe I will go to the gym to day and take out my frustrations on the eliptical machine.  Nothing like a good sweat to bring me back into perspective.  

Keep your heads in the game Divas

Peace and Bleessings
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  1. Saturday when I weighed in I lost 2 lbs. I was very disappointed but, I took it as a reality check. After a pep talk from my mother, I realized that if this is a "lifestyle change"...what's the hurry. I'm losing it!!! If you lost 2 lbs every week for the rest of the year...that would be extraordinary!!! My new mentailty is: Thank God for every loss...because any lost, even .1 better than a gain!!! Be blessed and hang in there!!! Just imagine how you wil look in December!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I hadn't thought about this being a lifestyle change situation. that brought new light to my journey! I will be celebrating the however many pounds lost and keeping focuse on changing my life forever!!!