Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Update!

Hello there my fellow Curvy Divas. I am back. A little later than expected but back none the less.

So if you hadn't noticed that lovely Becoming a Curvy Diva section to the right of the blog I weighed in on Monday and lost an astounding 6.6 pounds. Baby-BABY!!!!!!!! Wooo HOoo!!!!!!  I am proud of that! Basically that was all my weight loss for the week. My Thursday  weigh in I stayed the say.  I was kinda disappointed until my nutritionist pointed out that I had lost 13 lbs in a little over two weeks. So props to me!

Any way I said that I would tell ya'll what I was eating for the week so I scanned my food journal and will display my notebook of goodies here for your viewing pleasure.  Let me preface this by saying that my allotted calorie intake every day is "supposed" to be 1300-1400 and I am never supposed to eat below 1200 a day.  Most day I do not make it to 1200 calories.  But that is a lot of food. So here it is:

 So there is is up till Thursday. Hope that helps some one.

As Always
Peace and Blessings

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