Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Defeated

So as I previously mentioned, I weigh in twice a week with the weight loss center that I am a part of.  So on Thursday I had and weigh in and I was up 4lbs. That's right you read that correctly. 4 f*%#ing pounds. Although I know that I did not actually gain that weight in two days I was still disappointed with the number that I saw.  Here in lies the problems that I usually face.  When I saw that weight I immediately thought about eating something really unhealthy. I was totally consumed with the though of binging on some candy and cookies and I was thoroughly overwhelmed. 

But I did notice a pattern.  Usually when I make a decision to loose weight I start off great.  I am loosing pounds and feeling great. Then I step on the scale and there is a gain and I loose my freaking mind.  My rationalization for eating bad is why eat healthy when it doesn't work.  I convince myself that the healthy food is not worth it and say F it!

But on Thursday I made the decision to do something different.  (Let us pause to warn you of a serious TMI moment about to happen.)  So after the weigh in we always speak with the nutritionist to make sure our eating is on track as well as the exercise.  So she asks me how my bowels have been moving!!!! LOL Well honestly they have been lack luster these past few days.  She told that is the reason for my weight gain.  I am full of .... well you know!!!!!! So that was kinda  a relief but I was still having those thoughts about binging.  So I grabbed my workout gear and went to the gym for and hour cardio dance class.  When I left I felt great and no longer wanted to bury myself in a mound of chocolate. I am very proud of myself for not doing what I usually do and having a break down.

So Diva's what are some of your coping techniques when the going gets tough? No pun intended.  Please share your secrets for making it through those disappointing times.

Peace and Blessings
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  1. And you just kept me from hittin' the ice cream! Thank you!

  2. You are welcome. We have to do something to keep from loosing our minds during this weight loss journey. I am working on coming up with some other ideas so that I already know what to do and pretty soon it will become second nature. Congrats on slaying the ice cram monster. You will live to loose another day! lol

    Peace and Blessings