Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Milestones (On Time this Week!)

Hey there fellow Curvy Divas it is that time again. Oh yes its time for Monday Milestones. Woo Hooo. So am I the only one that is excited! I guess so..................... LOL But any way I hope last week was successful for you all and that this week will be even more so.

Now on to the results from last week’s goals. The results are in RED!

1. Write down everything I eat at the end of every day. (No waiting until many days have passed) SEMI-SUCCESS!!! I did not right down everything at the end of the day but I did make sure to update the next morning. I will count that as an improvement. Yes? I think so!
2. Continue to stay within my calorie range. SEMI-SUCCESS I will call this one as well. Even though I stayed within my calorie range I did eat some not so healthy things. i.e. The pack of Pretzel M&Ms that I ate on Saturday as well as the Sweet tarts that I ate on Wednesday. So I will try to keep this to a minimum. Hopefully this little out breaks won't be happening too often.

3. Drink at least 80 oz of water a day. (Been slacking on this one) SUCCESS!!! Oh yes I was killing the water this week baby. I am proud to say that I actually drank about 90 oz on average this week so kudos to me!!!!!

4. Follow the workout plan that I designed for myself. EPIC FAILURE!!!! OMG I was so not on plan this week it was ridiculous. I did a 3 mile walking video on Tuesday.................. Yeah that was it. I did not have the energy or the time to do another workout this week. I really need to do a better job of managing my time. I hope to improve this, this week.

5. Keep up with my blog postings. SUCCESS I am happy to report that I actually posted more than once this week. And this has really helped me to stay on track. So I will have to keep this up.

All in all this was not as bad of a week as I thought initially, but there is always room for improvement. So onto the goals for this week.

1. Keep my food journal updated daily.
2. Continue to stay within my calorie range with the correct food choices!!
3. Drink at least 80 oz of water a day
4. Actually follow the workout plan that I designed.
5. Keep up with my blog postings
6. Stop comparing my journey to others. See my previous post HERE.

So that is all I have for right now. I have a weigh in this afternoon and I am hoping to have lost the pound that I gained last week along with a few more of his buddies. So good luck ladies this week and keep up the god work.

Peace and Blessings
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  1. You had some great successes this week! Congrats!

    So, um, what do those pretzel M&Ms taste like? (She asks sheepishly.) I usually allow myself a little something chocolately evil on Easter.