Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling Motivated

Greetings Divas,
Today was my usual bi-weekly weight in at my weight loss center. My goal from Monday was to loose 0.5 lbs.  I know right what kind of goal is that.  But alas I thought that I had not accomplished this. I am proud to announce that I lost that 0.5 lb along with 1.5lbs more for a total of 2 pounds down between Monday and Thursday! I am stoked. With that weight loss I am down 3.6 pounds for the week and also down a total of 21.4 freaking pounds.  That's right people.  Go ahead I will wait for the applause to stop! Just kidding.  But I am sooooooo freaking proud of my self.  Who knew that if I actually tried that I could accomplish this weight loss thing. 

I guess that is one of the problems I've had in loosing weight before.  I always thought that my efforts would be in vain. That no matter what I did I was destined to be fat.  Hell my WHOLE family is overweight why should I be any different.  But now my mind has changed and my body along with it.  I am no longer trying to diet but I am changing my life.  One stinking pound at a time but changing none the less. 

So TAKE THAT----- fat cells. I am on a war path and you are going down.  Its on like donkey Kong in this piece! (OK got a little carried away LOL).  But you know what I mean. 

I know that you Divas are kicking fats a$$ just like I am. Keep it up.  Fat can't last long with all these a$$ whoopings we are dishing out. 

Peace and Blessings 
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  1. That's so awesome! Keep at it; you're doing great!