Thursday, February 23, 2012

Observing Lent

Greetings Divas,

It's been a while.  But I am not gonna keep apologizing for it. I really haven't had much to say about my journey other than I am stressed. Right now I am too stressed out to worry about keeping up with my personal blog.  But I do read every one Else's blogs daily.

Any way.  As we all may know Lent started on yesterday and will go until April 5.  For those that don't know, Lent is a forty-day season of preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxury as a form of penitence.

This is the first year that I have chosen to observe lent.  I know that I need to form a closer relationship with God and I believe this is a great way to kick start. 

As far as this thing that I am giving up for lent I have a couple and a small schedule since I was late on the whole it started yesterday thing. 

So I plan to give up:

1. Cursing-

Yeah I know its bad but we all have our faults.  This is really gonna be difficult cause I tend to have a bit of a potty mouth.
2. Candy

I have a serious addiction to candy. Particularly sprees.  So I will be giving those up starting on next Wednesday. 

In addition to the two things I am giving up I decided to add something.  I have added daily bible reading to my Lent observation.  I have the Bible app from youvision on my phone and there are several Lent devotional plan that you can read I chose one and started reading yesterday. I know this will help draw me closer to God.

Are you Divas observing Lent? If so what are you giving up/adding from or to your lives?

Peace and Blessings

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