Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Pee..... Or Not to Pee.....

Hello Divas,

I know you just love that title right?  Anywhoozle

I am glad to be back.Twoweeks ago I had a small surgery (more about that later) and I was recovering from that so I did not get a chance to post a new blog or update my weight for this week. So I guess I will do that first.

On Thursday when I weighed in I was at 291.8!!!!!! Woooo Hooo I am still loosing and I am so stinking proud of myself I could do a back flip (if it wasn't for my broken toe!! LOL)  Antyway that is a total of ................Drum roll please............ 86.6 lbs lost since the last week in December 2010. I think that I am doing damn well and I plan to keep it up untill I reach my final goal. 

Unfortunately I have kinda picked up my candy habit again because of Halloween and the candy that is in my house but I will NOT be overtaken this time.  Hopefully once its all gone I can get back go to my normal self and be sugar free! LOL

So I mentioned that I had a small surgery two weeks ago and was recovering.  Here's the background story.  I have been off of birth control since Dec. 2009.  My husband and I tried to conceive for a year before I decided that I probably needed to loose some weight before I became pregnant.  So fast forward to September of this year.  I had my annual GYN appointment.  I told her that we were having difficulty becoming pregnant.  I was also have some pain during........... the  baby making act so I was concerned about that.  Well she suggested that I have an exploratory/diagnostic surgery to determine if that was something keeping me from becoming pregnant and also to find the source of the pain I was/am experiencing. 

So on last Tuesday, Oct. 25 i went in and had a D&C Hysteroscopy, diagnostic laproscopy, and a cyctoscopy with hyper distention. I know sound like a lot but it was fairly minor.  These procedures were looking in my uterus and well as my bladder and also into my pelvis through my naval. 

My Dr. found two polyps in my uterus that were removed as well as discovered that I had an inflamed bladder.  So I am hoping that the removal of the polyps helps us to get pregnant soon.  As well the inflammation in my bladder is a chronic disorder that I will have to live with. I meet with her to discuss treatment options to hopefully alleviate the pain that I am experiencing.  Oh my blog title is related to my inflamation disorder.  One of the symptoms is frequent urination! Which has been a problem for me for years. Just thought I's make a joke about it. 

Soo that's where I have been.  Hope you Divas are still keeping up with the your weight loss efforts. I know I am. 

As Always

Peace and Blessings

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