Friday, June 24, 2011

What the Macaroni Salad???????

OMG Divas is has been entirely too freaking long since I post on this blog.  I have been super busy and I just have been neglecting my blog Divas. 

So firstly let me just say that even though I was absent on my blog I was NOT off plan with my weight loss journey.  I did gain a little weight while I was on my cruise but I had an amazing time so I am not beating my self up about it.

Speaking of my cruise, it was excellent.  I enjoyed every bit of the sights and the food that was offered on that cruise ship.  This was my hubby and my first real vacation together as a married couple and we had a fantastic time.  Pics with be in a later post so you can see all the wonderfulness.  LOL

When we returned from the cruise I was still in vacation mode and eating any and everything that I wanted. I have finally gotten my life together and am back on track with my weight loss. 

There will be several post coming up soon, to include a little confessions post about random stuff.  So Thanks for hanging in there with me Divas and I promise to be back on the posting.

Love ya
Peace and Blessings
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