Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting to Know Me!!!

So what wight loss blog is complete with out the ever popular how did you get to this point post.  So here we go.
See told you I was a Diva!
I have always been a little overwight ever since I can remember.  In kindergarten I was picked on. Kids can be so cruel.  But anyway. I didn't really start packing on the pounds untill my parents got divorced.  The events leading up to the divorce were very dramiatic and I am sure those shaped some of my body image issues that I currently have.  I was 12 when my parents split and that is the last time I can remember being almost normal weight.
Through middle and high school I packed on the pounds. My borther and I both were overweight and our doctor tried to use medications to help us loose the extra fluff.

 Let us pause in this section to say that diet pills do not work. Especially if they cause some unsightly side affects like orange greesy poop!!!! Sorry for the TMI. Now back to our reguraly scheduled program.

 I was always the slowet in P.E. classes and my teachers didn't make it any better.  I also starting developing very early and was sporting a DD chest in the 8th grade. Let us pause for my child hood! LOL

Anyway.  In the 11th grade one of my freinds decided to join the work out class that was being taught at my church and told me her mom would pay for me to go as well. I was excited because I had beenwanting to loose weight so this was a good motivator.  It was a step aerobics class that was an hour and it was fun.  I lost about 40 pounds while doing this calss and I was truly porud of myself but still not satisfied with my body. 

Lets fast forward to my college years.  I put back on the 40 aforementioned pounds plus some my freshman year. My sophmore year I join my soroity The PhiNominal Pi Beta Chapter of Zeta PHi Beta Sorority, Inc.  During that time I shrank back down to about 240.  I was happy about that.  Then the Spring semester of 2005 on of my sorority sister introduced me to my husband.  I didn't' know it at the time but he is.

The day we got engaged! Woo Hoo

You know how they say love makes you fat. Well its true.  I was in love and gaining weight.  When I finally got on a scale at a Curves Center I was at 305. The first time I had been over 300 in my life.  I found my then boyfriend and cried my eyes out.  I was so dissapointed that I had let myself get that big.  I did the Curves program for a while and I only lost about 8 lbs. 

I graduated form college and moved back home. Shortly therafter my boyfriend at the time moved to be with me.  We were engaged and started planning our wedding. I was steadly gaing weight but didn't really notice. Please reference the in love and fat rule!  When we got married I weight in at 340. The highest yet.  My wedding was beautiful.   I was still overweight but I felt wonderful. 

So here we are almost 2 years form my wedding and I am at my highest weight ever. Check the side bar for the stats.  I am sure that some depression and emotional eating has contributed to me being at my highest weight in my 26 years of living. But I am happy now and I am ready to tackle this weight.  So I look forward to making this journey back to become the Curvy Diva that has been in me all along. 

Me and the hubby! Don't we look fabulous!
Peace and Blessings
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