Saturday, October 31, 2009

Already With the Temptations!

So I'm sitting here at work with nothing to do and what pops in my head! Evil monstrous thoughts of candy and sugar! WTF! I just started this journey today and I can't even make it 24 hours without some kind of temptation.  All I have to do is walk down those steps and go the the vending machine.  I think I will and curse out the machine. I will tell it how its lies and deciet lead me to a vast wastel and of obesity. And how its tempting days are over! I will no longer be a victim to your wooing. I am a strong and motivated DIVA and I will not be taken down by your evil offereings. 

I am standing up to you craving. I am the boss and I will not give in.
Well now I feel better and I hope that I can make it for the rest of the night!

Won't Be Tempted!


  1. One day I was crawling on the floor like a crack head looking for a nickle or a dime so I could get a snack out of the vending machine. That was a low point, funny, but low. That day I vowed never to bring money to more snacks. I just started paccking more appealing snacks. Well this year for whatever reason the vending machine is gone. I don't know how long the machine has gone because I didnt even notice.

  2. New to your blog and like your comment. I was in your same place over 12 weeks ago so don't think you are alone. Here are a few tips that helped me:

    1. I had to set some food boundaries and I made list from foods that made me say "why did I eat that?" My list included cheesy rice, cheesy pasta, muffins, cookies, etc. I stay away from those foods now and my life is so much better for it.

    2. I had to realize that I binged on those types of food. Once I became aware it was easy to stop the behavior all together.

    3. I had to understand that boredom was my enemy so I keep myself busy at all times even if that means taking a nap.

    4. For me making a plan and understanding my reasons for wanting to reduce my weight is very important to my journey.

    If you have time to stop by my blog I wrote about my journey through: Boredom on 9/8/09, Boundaries on 9/21 & 29/09, and Binging on 10/3/09.

    I wish you luck and I will come back to check in on you. Stay strong this is your first step.

  3. Hello, I found your blog via another blog and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did because it's great! I too have had those same thoughts and talks with the vending machine. You didn't give in and that's great! We are in this weight loss journey together and we will get through it! Stay strong and remember you are not alone. :-)